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Important Factors

It is always interesting to have discussions with other instructors about the various elements of classes that are most important to participants.

I thought it would be fun to compile a top five list of factors that motivate and energize students the most. This is simply based on the comments I hear each weekend. I’ll let each of you decide if this is a comprehensive list or not.

1: Music. Without a doubt, I hear this constantly. Students always state that music is the critical factor to their enjoyment of a class. If the music is good, I’ll try the class again. If it’s bad (not my taste), I won’t go back.

2: Energy: I hear this statement a lot too. Most students say that music is energy while others will say they like instructors who are animated and full of personality. Music volume is also stated as a factor that brings more energy. Many students tell me they like it loud.

3: Lighting/visuals: These two go together because many students like dark rooms and multi-colored lights. Many facilities have lights that pulse with the music and those environments always seem to be a hit with the participants. Students will also comment that they like to see pictures/movies of roads, mountains, and scenery.

4: Bikes: Students like bikes that work well. They like to know that the studio cares about their equipment and it is always in good working condition. Students like to have their bikes cleaned consistently too.

5: Sweat: I love taking her class because I always sweat so much! For better or worse, students want to feel that they were pushed to their limits almost every class. They like the heart-pounding, sweaty responses their bodies give them during (and after) each training session.




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