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Kiss by definition an expression of affection, a touch of the lips. We have all experienced a kiss as some sort of sign of warmth, tenderness and love. 

If you are reading this blog, it is because you have a fondness for the Spinning® Program that most likely began for you as a participant in a class.  That fondness has grown into more of a passion for the not only the program but the relationships that we establish as instructors, directors and friends.

When I began teaching as a Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, I would spend hours preparing my music playlist to get the beat just right, and then match the profile with the music. There were days when I matched the profile with a playlist. You know how that goes.

There was one day I recall when my husband, a very successful CPA and someone I adore more than Spinning®, said to me while I was two hours into pulling together my next class, “Kiss”. My affection for him was and is so great that I would have loved to kiss him at that time, but given how driven and engrossed I was in preparing my next class my words to him were,  ‘I don’t have time to kiss you right now’.  He laughed and said, Donna K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid.  That
day, my husband provided me with the most valuable piece of advice I have acquired within my teaching career. To keep it simple for all involved, me as the instructor and the participants.

Like all of you who are reading this post, I have an a very large passion for Spinning ®, for fitness, and for sharing that passion with others helping them to enjoy an activity that will enhance their health and wellness for a lifetime as long as the format is kept simple to follow.

As instructors, and enthusiasts, you can KISS too!  Visit the store and purchase a Spinning Ridebook, make use of the shared profiles and playlists offered by other instructors and
ideas found within the newsletters.  Be sure to share your creativity as well so others can KISS within the program.   




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