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Loner no more!

I love team spirit. I have written about this before, and I continue to harp on it (sorry) because I?m astounded by the fact that not only do I love team spirit, but that I HAVE team spirit. Having never played team sports in my life and really only having a very small, close group of friends, I didn?t really ever buy into the team attitude because I was never part of a team. But, with fitness teaching I have really learned to admire and respect my fellow instructors, and have come to see myself as part of their team. Even if we do not always see each other or teach together, I ?get? that we are a team. Case in point that led me to this reflection: yesterday I went to take a fitness class taught by my supervisor at the gym. There were a total of 10 tracks and I was having a grand old time taking the class because Katie?s a great instructor who really engages with each person in the room (and there were like?.35 people in the room, at least). Anyhow, about halfway through, she stops the music and asks me to come up quickly while people grab water. Turns out, her feet had started cramping and she couldn?t feel them?so she asked if I could just jump in for an interval while she went to try and stretch out. Of course, I said I would. Sure, it was on the spot and I hadn?t practiced before but this is what a team is about. It?s about stepping in and helping out when you?re needed, and it?s about doing it with a smile on your face. And to be honest, I was REALLY flattered that she would hand over her class to me for a bit because she is so a great instructor and her faith in me all along has meant so much. So yes, I?m a team player and I?ve learned I also have team spirit. I can call myself loner no more J -June



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