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No Mas Grows on This Rolling Stone

HEY! all you 8WWL people! What has happened since you did your 8 weeks of paying attention? Did you slide right back into your old ways? Maybe you've been propelled? Well, believe me, nothing is worse than someone blowing wind up your skirt when you're struggling and they're succeeding, but I wanted to shout it out from the highest roof top that I pull down another kilo. So, what did I do? I stacked up some cubes of butter that equaled a kilo (like 2.5 pounds) and held it in my hands. oh, yes I did, and I realized that I dropped a kilo of fat! That isn't to say that this is easy. I work really hard - and I have to believe harder than most. Okay, we all believe it is harder for us than for anyone else, right? Well, I just blogged about Slow and Fat. I just finished reading this book about suspending your self consciousness which is sort of paralyzing to most and just doing it any way (rings of Nike, doesn't it?) I hired a coach to teach me how to swim (total emersion style...a branded name) - and thought I knew how to swim until I met this guy. now I'm getting it after several months and I can see the improvements! He is also teaching me "chi-running" (another branded style) which, in my books, is the ONLY way to run if you are heavy. I'm so convinced of this style of running that I am going to go get certified as an instructor...wish Maddogg did chi-running! I get about 20 to 22 hours of purposeful exercise in every week - 6 or 7 of them are teaching Spinning® and circuit training and the rest are bike riding, swimming and running plus a little weight lifting. I'm about to add yoga into the mix. I wear a heart rate monitor and mix up my trainings between slow burn and interval/power and still? well, I'm no barbie doll. What is my point? This battle of the bulge does NOT get easier. If you are a woman and are headed for menopause, you have to know it gets harder and harder to rev the metabolism, but that does NOT give you the excuse to drop out. It took me 3 weeks to drop out that 2.5pounds. THREE WEEKS. this does not happen over night unless you are an 18 year old male. Get off their scale....be patient with yourself and well...let me put it this way: Stop trying. just do it. (all credit to Nike) Spring is coming and if you are still reading magazines which are misleadingly called health and fitness magazines that promise you a toned bikini butt by June, knock it off. They pick skinny 17 year olds and have them do these measly poses which will get you no where. I implore you to make this year a little different. Stop trying to lose weight and lose fat and get skinny and all that. Forget about what you're starting with and sign yourself up for some sort of event. Community events are super friendly, and if they're not don't go back - sign up for a different one. Don't be self conscious about your body. own it. celebrate it and make it move. Go have the dreaded conversation about the best bra in the store and learn about Vaseline for chaffing. Get over yourself and move. Beg borrow or steal a copy of how to Chi-Run and start there, if the economy has been unkind to you. Don't buy a 4,000 bike....just start off running and keep...KEEP...going to Spinning. When you're at spinning, negotiate that resistance knob a little more honestly. Dang it...don't give up...not yet. If you did the 8WWL program and you want to keep on getting back on track, email me. lifestylecori_ography@yahoo.com I'll give you some accontability...for free! keep it moving, my friend....keep it moving.... c



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