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Ride All Day!!!

Imagine racing for a whole day. A race where you ride your bike from 8:00 AM on Saturday to 8:00 AM on Sunday. It is just you and your bike as you try to go as far as you can without bonking, crashing or just giving up. The challenge becomes more mental than physical the longer you ride. This year at WSSC, I will be presenting a ride that is based off of my experiences riding in the National 24 Hour Challenge. The National 24 Hour Challenge is a race that takes place in Michigan every summer the weekend closest to the summer solstice. Come experience the ups and downs of the road and emotions of this amazing ride. Experience this ride as the day turns to night and then back to day. Feel the joy of riding to the finish line after you have conquered the course and surpassed the limitations of your own mind. You will walk away from this ride feeling you have just completed your own ultra-endurance race!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 4/13/2011



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