For Instructors Spinning

Some thoughts

As I enter my 16th year as a presenter, there are a few things I know for sure about this great program: 1: There is a vast diversity in the people that decide to become certified instructors. Just yesterday, I had two people who participate in ultra-cycling events, one Spanish teacher, a classroom aide, a future studio owner, and a graphic artist. The one thing we all had in common, was our love for the program. We also shared a desire to know more about it and to lead others in a group exercise atmosphere. 2: The program itself is bigger than any one person. Facilities always have instructors that leave for one reason or another, just like our presenter team. But the program continues to grow because the philosophy behind it is sound, and people enjoy the workout. So no matter who decides to leave, it will continue for as long as MDA does.........and probably much longer. 3: We have the best bikes. I've been on all the major competitor's bikes and I still believe ours are by far the smoothest and the most stable. I also seem to find my most appropriate riding position on the Spinners. 4: We have the best conference. I have been to many fitness events and they are always fun, but nothing beats the energy of WSSC!



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