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Subbing a Spinning Class

Tips for Subbing a Spinning Class

Ok, I have to admit it!  Even after 18 years of teaching Group Ex classes, I still get an anxious and nervous feeling in my stomach when I have to sub!  What is it about subbing that makes us, or at least me, so apprehensive?  You would think after a few years the confidence would kick in and it would be ok!?

Last week I was stepping in for good friend of mine who always teaches to a packed class on Saturday mornings.  It’s a full class with 65 bikes and people hanging out in back waiting for someone to fall off so they can jump on.  She works with a “club style” theme and the music and lights reflect this.  She was once a professional dancer and a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader in a previous life! I don’t stand a chance!

I started making my play list on Monday for the Saturday sub.  I tried and tried to find some kind of mix that would sound similar to hers.  I visualized riding and teaching to songs I didn’t really know, tried to get my groove on with electronic mixes and very fast tempos.  Not working!

By Friday I was starting to panic and just gave up!  I went back to my computer and pulled my favorite classic rock and some instrumental pieces from the Spinning Library (Volume 1 and 6 are still my favorites!)  I put it all together in an all-terrain ride that included three hills with one fast road between them.

Saturday was here!  I was prepared and excited to get started.  The Saturday crowd doesn’t really know me, and I could hear the whispers and questions behind me as I walked to the front.  I started with a joke about never being a cheerleader and don’t have a lot of dance moves and told them they were “stuck with me for the next 60 minutes”!  A few people smiled.  The warm up began and my adrenaline and nerves kicked into high gear!  The place started rock ‘in!  We finished in a pool of sweat and big group applause for each other! Saturday was done!

Lesson learned when we get anxious or nervous our senses or emotions go into overdrive.  This elevated or heightened level of awareness is what brings out the good chemicals in our brain that helps us perform at our very best.  By tapping into our stresses and staying positive great things can happen! So next time you get called to sub go in there and do what you do best!  Rock what you know, don’t try to be someone else.  Be strong and confident and take control of the ride!  People will respect you and follow you for being a leader, no matter what you play or how fast or slow you go!  It’s all about the energy and power at the end of the day, not the DJ! 




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