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For those of you attending the World Spinning and Sport Conference (WSSC), you are probably getting as anxious as I am. I can?t believe it is only 10 days away. The most amazing thing I find at WSSC is the celebration of the Spinning ® program. It doesn?t matter what language you speak, on what continent you live or the color of your skin, we are united as one during this special event!!! The cultural experience in itself is well worth the price of admission, airfare, lodging and meals to be among people that share such a passion for the Spinning® program. Witness for yourself how instructors from around the world coach a ride. You?ll be amazed at the energy that is displayed. It doesn?t matter if you understand the words spoken by the instructor. What really matters is that you allow yourself to commit your entire being ? mind, body and soul ? to the moment that is WSSC. WE ARE ALL ONE!!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 5/24/2011



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