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When to say when?

How much is too much? Recently I have been picking up a lot of sub requests at my gym. When I first started doing so, I emailed my supervisor to check in with her?I wasn?t sure if I was teaching too many class, hogging them so that others wouldn?t have a chance and thus also limiting the students? /clients? exposure to different instructors. But, my supervisor wrote back and said she appreciated my assistance in always being able to help out. So, good thing. And, no one?s necessarily revolted and told my supervisor that they are bored with having me be their instructor over and over again (so far, at least). But, I am now left to wonder for me personally, how much is too much? In four days this week I will teach six classes?add into this my full time job and two part time university Psych classes that I?m teaching. I?m not feeling overwhelmed as I still have lots of moments in my day when I?m thinking, ?Oh, what to do now to occupy my time for a few minutes between waiting for a response for that email I just sent?? How many classes are folks out here teaching each week? While I totally get that we each have our own endurance levels, I have found that the amount of classes one instructor teaches can certainly run the gamut! Why do you teach so few or so many in your particular cases? -June



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