Become an Official Spinning® Facility
Get ready to team up with the most powerful name in indoor cycling. As the creators of Spinning® and the indoor cycling category, we know what it takes to keep your facility ahead of the pack. More than 30,000 clubs, studios and facilities have chosen the Spinner® line of bikes manufactured by Star Trac® and the Spinning program, making Spinning the world's most popular indoor cycling program.

As an Official Spinning Facility, you're not only getting the world's most tested line of bikes and comprehensive training program, you're getting the benefit of 20 plus years of experience in providing the highest level of program and marketing support in the industry. Why follow when you can lead? As an Official Spinning Facility, you will receive the following benefits:

 Spinning Facility Welcome Kit with posters, decals, brochures, a banner, and a plaque.
 Facility Guidebook to help you start and sustain a successful Spinning program.
Marketing support, including access to flyers, form templates and professional images.
 Free listing in our online Facility Finder tool, which is used by hundreds of visitors every day.
Ability to offer free class passes to individuals who find your facility using our facility finder tool.
Permission (i.e., License) to use the world-recognized Spinning® Trademarks and logo.
Assistance with Spinner® bike maintenance.
Ability to post job openings to assist you with hiring the best instructors.
And much, much more!


Contact us today to bring the world's leading indoor cycling program to your facility!

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