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ECA--So good to be "home"!

"What can I say about ECA in New York March 7th-9th??? It was such a blast! Of course I'm slightly biased being born and raised in the Bronx, but the energy of the participants and the excitement about the classes offered was contagious. Although a handful of attendees had experienced using the Bodyblade and working with the Ugi ball, the majority of those in my class(es) were being introduced to both pieces of equipment for the first time.
As you may or may not know, the Bodyblade is a rapid-contraction training tool you just have to feel to believe! It's easy to use but the workout is as challenging as your body can handle. Using the power of vibration and inertia the Bodyblade "catches" the energy you expend and fires it back to you. Ultimately forcing you to develop greater strength, coordination, balance, and especially core stability. In my Bodyblade Core Cardio Blast class, we not only had fun alternating with Bodyblade and bodyweight exercises in an interval type workout, but we also took traditional exercises (like the plank) and added the Bodyblade to enhance the challenge. Everyone was feeling the burn--and LOVING it.
In Ugi Fit, we all got to play with a weighted, squishy, beautiful ball for a solid 30 minute workout that was fun and challenging. Ugi balls come in four different weights--6, 8, 10, and 12 pounds.There are endless combinations of strength, cardio, balance, and core exercises you can do alone on the Ugi or you can combine training styles. The idea is that you pick 30 exercises and you do each one for a minute at your pace, with perfect form, and then you switch to the next one. It's an individual workout in a group setting where everyone not only gets a great workout but has fun doing it. Anyone can do it...Ugi--You Got it!
I'm grateful that I got to experience all that ECA had to offer and as always meet some really cool people. If you haven't had a chance to workout with the Bodyblade or Ugi ball, definitely take a class at your next conference/event. "




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