Spinning® at Events


Last weekend I had the honor of presenting at the Empower Fitness Fusion event in Chicago. It's the conferences second year and was definitely a bigger event this year. At this event last year we launched a brand new concept for sessions; rather than separating out brands the presenters came together for MadDogg team taught sessions. These sessions were different types of circuits that used lots of different equipment from Peak Pilates, Resist-A-Ball, Bodyblade and Spin Fitness. They were a hit and we have been dong them every since. 


This year I team taught with the fabulous Jodi Sussner and Stacey Lei Krauss. We tried a new format where we each taught a station based around either the upper body, lower body or core. Then after completing the 3 circuits we did a body weight only set with the same focus.This session was sold out and was a huge  hit. Not only did the attendees walk away with so many new ideas and exercises but the energy and excitement started the conference off on an amazing note.


Another wonderful thing about this conference was how many people came to our sessions that were new to Pilates. It's great to see so many fitness professionals out there who are continuing to expand their horizons and broaden their knowledge. I think it's definitely proof out there that Pilates is still growing  and reaching more people every day.




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