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Focus On The Finish Line

I’m sure we’ve all been there… Morning comes and we get out of bed ready to complete a long list of tasks for the day and feel productive.  Much like my experience writing this blog, unexpected things come up that throw us off course. By the time evening rolls around, the long list of tasks still exists and we feel disappointed in our lack of progress. Then we go to sleep hoping the next day brings better luck.

How many of you have been in this predicament? Call it a time management issue or lack of ability to finish what we start, but either way it is definitely a problem! I often will sit down to start one project and as I am working on it I can feel my brain shifting to other thoughts, inevitably thinking of other things to do such as researching something online, making a phone call, or letting the dogs outside. As you can guess, the original project sits there unfinished until I get back to it much later in the day, and then I may have another distraction rear its ugly head in battle.

It’s been said that as adults, our minds are filled with so much clutter and busy-ness that we have trouble focusing on one thing at a time.  I find truth in that statement! Sit back and think about your productivity patterns. When you get distracted and unfocused is it because your mind isn’t engaged in what you are doing or could it be because it is engaged in TOO many things at that moment? Life these days is all about immediate gratification and as a whole, we have fallen into the trap of having technology at our fingertips and the ability to multi task on a smart phone or computers.

I know some of you are relating to this predicament. How do you solve it? I have a white board in my kitchen where I write lists. I try to prioritize which ones to complete first. Admittedly, this method is not always successful and my list doesn’t get wiped off the board quickly. The other issue I find in staying focused comes from trying to work at home. I need the TV to be off if I want to focus on something 100 percent. However my dogs distract me and being in the kitchen or family room space never seems to help my focus improve. I would sit in my office but the chair isn’t the right size for the desk and isn’t comfortable. What works the BEST for me is to go to Starbucks or to my gym and camp out at a table. Oddly enough I can focus amongst the buzz in these places and my brain seems to stay on task much easier. I also am going to schedule time for myself everyday to work on productive things and then stop when time is up. This way I can create more balance in life and have fun instead of always trying to chase my tail and finish a task. 


Post below if you have any tips on staying on task!





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