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Fueling Your Ride Through National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and the best way to celebrate is to remind your riders of the importance of properly fueling for every ride. In a world crowded by super-charged protein supplements, calorie-laden power bars, and sugary recovery drinks, the simple fuel often goes overlooked. Take the opportunity this March to remind your riders that the best gas for their tank is found in simple carbohydrates, lean proteins, and that ever-popular drink, good old H2O.

For the typical 45 of 60 minute class, there is no need to over-fuel with enhanced foods. New riders who are still getting the feel for the bike may only be burning 300-400 calories per class - subtract 150-200 calories from that to account for a 24 ounce gatorade and suddenly that ride has lost significant value.

Try some of these simple ideas for reminding riders of the best fuel for a class:

- Set up a hydration station outside of the studio. Ask riders to ditch their sugary recovery drinks for water and provide reuseable water bottles to help keep the H2O flowing throughout the day.

- Create some simple signage that displays the typical calories burned in a 45 or 60 minute class, followed by the calories in a recovery drink or snack. Make sure riders understand how quickly those liquid calories can derail their efforts in the saddle!

- Provide some small snacks at the front desk for riders to enjoy before a class. Miniature Larabars, bananas, or even some peanut butter crackers will help fuel a rider without creating a positive energy balance (meaning too many calories in and not enough out!)




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