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Mix Your Ride

Most weeks I get asked by instructors or participants where I get my music from.  I admit that I  make an effort to source interesting music from a large variety of genres.    I have my own music preferences   just like anybody.  There are certain genres that get me moving and fuel a passion.   One wonderful aspect of becoming an instructor is that it has exposed me to all kinds of music and expanded my tastes to genres I would never have listened to before.    So where do I get my music?  The answer is no secret.  It is the same place most people do these days,  through a variety of online music stores like iTunes, emusic, powermusic and beatport.  What I do to make it different is mix the songs together using easy to use music mixing software.  There are many available but the one I use is MixMiester.  Mixing the music is simple and it allows me to create a continuous and cohesive sound for the ride.   Even when I use music from many different genres mixing can make them fit together.  The software allows me to change the BPM, overlay sounds and stich pieces of songs together making a unique sound.  Besides creating a different feel to the journey mixing music also has some other benefits.

  • Removes gaps between songs which can act as time markers to participants
  • Creates a feeling of a continuous journey rather than separate pieces of work
  • Allows drills to easily cross songs and supports split symbol profiles
  • Allows for smooth transitions between terrain
  • Gives a more polished feeling to the training session
  • Easily allows you change the length of a piece of music, the BPM and see the total runtime of the mix

If you haven’t tried mixing music I recommend you consider checking out many of the available software programs on the market today.  It doesn’t have to be complicated and it can bring a whole new feel to your rides. 

Try  MixMeister at or

 DJ Tracker Pro at

Enjoy, create, fuel the passion!




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