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One Less Battle

Most of you were taught the foundation of the Spinning® program is based on five core movements and three hand positions. During Spinning® Instructor Training your Master Instructor most likely corrected your hand position along with any form breaks you may have so that when you get up in front of your classes, you provide a perfect visual example of your mastery of the bike.  If you received the March edition of the Spinning® Instructor News, you may have noticed that a new hand position is being introduced, hand position 2.5.


For many instructors who have strictly enforced the three hand positions, this may come as a relief.  No more battles to fight with your students on getting them into the proper hand position. Many outdoor cyclists would consider the new 2.5 hand position a welcome addition to our program since they most likely ride a similar position on their road bikes when they place their hands over the brake hoods. 


Not everyone will find hand position 2.5 comfortable.  Hand position 2.5 can be used for those participants that have a longer reach and can grip the outer edge beyond the curve of the handle bars. You can now use this hand position as an option to those movements that use hand position 2. Allow your students to choose which hand position works best for them in each movement.  Some will find that riding in hand position 2 in one movement is more comfortable than using hand position 2.5.  Just as we give our students options for intensity and movements so they can make the ride their own based on their individualized training goals, hand position 2 and 2.5 can now give students a more comfortable ride that fits their own needs.


Read all about the new hand position in the March edition of the Spinning® Instructor News.




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