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One Road, Many Paths

I enjoy asking new instructors if they plan on using one style of music for their profile designs, or if they think they'll use a variety for each presentation. Predictably, the responses are mixed. Some instructors state that their students only want new popular music so they will utilize pop and hip-hop only. Others tell me that their audiences want songs they know and are easy to sing to so they'll use more "classic" tracks for their classes. I ask if students prefer classes to have mostly one main style of music, or if they are happier visiting many styles within the workout. Some instructors want to throw a wide music net across their classes hoping to capture as many followers as possible so they tell me they'll travel "many paths" from warm up to cool down. Other instructors want to keep their "themes" more specific in terms of genres and artists so they'll keep everything "new" or within a short time frame like "the 80's."

Music is of course one of the most creative aspects of class design. New instructors really anticipate introducing their future students to artists and songs that they feel will really ignite enthusiasm and passion. There are very few wrong choices with music so I encourage you to explore many paths until you find the one music identity that best fits your style.




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