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Renewed and refreshed for fall?

I am pretty sure that I wrote about this before, but now it?s a time to reflect a bit more. Because I teach at a college recreation center, our teaching schedules change every season to accommodate students? needs along with instructor availability (we have a number of graduate student fitness instructors). Thus, when I was initially offered my usually Spinning timeslot on Thursday evening for this summer, I decided to take a break?just for summer?because I wouldn?t want to ask for a lot of subs and wasn?t quite sure how often I would need to (given I?m traveling a lot more to NYC for summer weekends this year). My friend Angela usually takes the entire summer off from teaching her fitness classes, and says that it?s wonderful because when she starts again in the fall, she feels refreshed and ready to go. I am already starting to feel that way, and cannot wait to get back onto the schedule for Spinning. It?s been great to take some time off to recover because I was feeling a bit burnt out teaching Spinning. I was starting to say the same things too much, and not feeling the initial excitement anymore. I knew that I was not being the best instructor that I could be, so the break could not have come at a more opportune time. Now, however, being away from it for just about a month, I?m missing my Spinning class, and yearning to get back onto the bike at the front of the room. I?ve been creating new playlists in anticipation of starting back onto the teaching schedule again, and plan to be refreshed, renewed, and the best instructor/coach I can be! -June



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