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Latin America


Marcelo Alexandre
Buenos Aires

Marcelo is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program. He is a Cycling World Champion in track racing. In the Los Angeles Olympic Games he came in 6th in sprint and 7th in kilometer. He has held the National Champion title 12 times and the Pan-American Chamption title 13 times. He was also a professional cyclist for 6 years in Italy and won 6 six-day races. He has competed more than 18 years, 16 of them for the Cycling National Team. He has won more than 300 races. Currently, he is the Cycling National Coach of the Argentine Team which won the gold medal for the Madison in the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. He has coached many triathletes and cyclists, including two of the World Champions in Argentina. In Beijing 2008, he was in one of the Olympic torch relays. Marcelo teaches classes in the Vilas Club and the Red Megatlon Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Marcelo es Master Instructor del programa de Spinning. Campeón Mundial de ciclismo, en pista. 6° en velocidad y 7° en kilometro, en los Juegos Olímpicos de Los Angeles. 12 veces campeón Argentino, 13 veces Campeón Panamericano. Ciclista profesional durante 6 años en Italia. Ganador de 6 carreras de ‘’6 dias’’. Compitió mas de 18 años, de los cuales 16 años en la Selección Nacional. Actualmente técnico de la Selección Nacional de ciclismo de Argentina, ganadora de la Madison , en los Juegos Olímpicos de Beijín, 2008. Técnico de triatletas y ciclistas. Técnico de 2 campeones del mundo en Argentina. En el año 2008, fue relevista de la Antorcha Olímpica de Beijing. Marcelo dicta clases en el Vilas Club, y la Red Megatlon, en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Clemente Habiague

A Master Instructor for the Spinning program and Manager of Ocampo Fitness Center and the Tao Gym Punta del Este, Clemente is a National Professor in Physical Education, National Trainer of Athletics, National Boxing Trainer, ACSM Exercise Leader and a graduate of Marketing (Sports Marketing) from the University Del Salvador (Argentina). He is currently the director of the Spinning program at the Vilas Club in Argentina.


Bruno Lima

Bruno holds a degree in Physical Education from Rio de Janeiro University and has completed post-graduate work in Training Methods and Physiotherapy. He joined the Spinning® Master Instructor Team in 2014 and is also the Education Representative for the Spinning® Program in Brasil. He has worked for more than 15 years as a personal trainer, speaker and consultant for different fitness companies and 7 years as the Group Fitness Manager at Bodytech, Brasil’s largest club chain. Currently, he manages the Bodytech club in Rio de Janeiro. He loves to ride his road bike, and has participated in 6 marathons, many mountain and road cycling events, and several triathlons, including 2 Ironman triathlons – all of these events have helped him understand the practical results of his theoretical knowledge the hard and tough way.


Nestor Salinas Castillo

Nestor is a Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program and has been involved in the fitness industry since 2007. In addition to his work as a personal trainer, he serves as the Sub-Director of Spinning® Chile, supporting and developing the growth of the program in this region. In addition, Nestor is Sales Executive for Star Trac® Chile. He loves to ride his road bike, teaching others, music, technology and graphic arts. He is also a musician, DJ and amateur composer, and owns NESmedia™, an audiovisual company oriented to fitness events.

Rodrigo Vilches

Rodrigo is a Spinning® Master Instructor and Education Representative for the Spinning® Program in Chile, in addition to being the Star Trac Operations Director for Chile, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an active Federated Road Cyclist.

He has a passionate hobby: he is a Progressive Rock guitar player, and plays live at massive Spinning® rides, such as the spectacular live music ride experience Spinning® GIGANTOUR, of which he is the creator. In addition, he is a pioneer in the art of using iPhone and iPad apps for live Spinning® rides, which he has perfomred at the WSSC Conference in Miami, Florida.

Rodrigo currently teaches Spinning® at the largest Gym of South America - Balthus Club, Santiago - and he travels the world presenting Spinning® Instructor Trainings, Rides, Clinics and Continuing Education. His mission is to create stable learning environments based on the Spinning® philosophy and inspiring participants to do their best.

Costa Rica

Randall Kaver Chacón

Randall Kaver is a Master Instructor for the Spinning program, and also a teacher-professor in the physical education and sports department at the University of Costa Rica. Randall holds a master’s in physical education with a specialist in strength training. He was a champion competitor in body-building from 1999-2001 in the 65-kg division. Randall is a certified personal trainer, and also has an exercise TV show focused on pure energy and health.

Mario Valverde Quiros

Mario, a former triathlete, holds bachelor’s degrees in business administration and music. In addition to being a Master Instructor for the Spinning program, he is also certified to teach yoga, Pilates and aerobics. He is currently the Spinning, Aerobics and Yoga Coordinator at Multispa Corobici, where his yoga sessions are designed to reduce stress caused by work. With his experience in working with anorexic and bulimic patients, Mario is dedicated to creating stable learning environments and inspiring participants to do their best.


Pedro Alarcon

Pedro has been an athlete since childhood. He has played soccer in minor divisions , holds national swimming records, and was part of the national Kayak team representing his country in many international competitions. Now he is licensed in physical education, is a certified Peak Pilates Instructor and a very active triathlete. He is the coordinator of the Spinning program in Hyper Gym and also owns a Pilates studio.

Janine Mongardini

Janine has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She opened her own gym and authorized Spinning Facility in Ecuador in the mid 90's. She organizes fitness events and coordinates official Spinning training with MDA, helping to grow the Spinning Program in her country.


Eduardo Gonzalez

Eduardo is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program and an ACE Group Fitness certified instructor. He loves to hike and spend a lot of time in nature. He placed 5th in the Mexican Championships as a Triple Jumper in High School, and was named an All-Mexican as a Free Safety in College Football in 1990 and 1992. He teaches Spinning classes in the Regency Club and Alsop´s Spinning in Querétaro city. Eduardo es un Instructor Master del Programa Spinning y un Instructor Fitness certificado de ACE; le apasiona caminar y pasar mucho tiempo en la naturaleza. Consiguio un 5to lugar nacional en Salto Triple en la Escuela Secundaria y fue seleccionado nacional en 1990 y 1992 como jugador de Futbol Americano. Actualmente da clases de Spinning en el Regency Club y Alsop´s Spinning en Querétaro.

Jose Angel Lizarraga Osuna

Jose’s passion for health and wellness has taken him on a journey spanning over 10 years in the fitness industry in his home country of Mexico. He feels privileged to use the skills he has learned to help his clients achieve balance and wellness in body, mind and spirit. He is currently a personal trainer, massage therapist and Master Instructor of the Spinning program. As a lifelong student, Jose is continuing on his quest for balance by adding Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Functional Fitness and Ginastica Natural to his repertoire. He currently practices and teaches in Mazatlan Sin, Mexico at the Saludable y en Forma (Health and In Shape) fitness facility.


Pedro Plaza

Pedro is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program, MDA Authorized Educational Representative for the Spinning Program in Venezuela, owner and director of Planet Fit Gym, coordinator of the National TV Presentation “Planet Bike”, and has taught Spinning at Planet Fit, Iron People, Sports Center Los Naranjos, Alameda, Lido and Top Spa gyms located in Caracas.

He holds a cum laude degree in International Studies at The American University-Washington D.C. and a Master in Business M.B.A. from the Catholic University of Venezuela. Pedro has also received training in Meditation from Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Tony Salazar

Tony Salazar has been one of the most prominent commercial photographers for the past 25 years in Caracas, Venezuela, and has successfully balanced this with his passion for sports, specifically distance running. Tony has been a fairly good long distance runner for over 25 years, both on the road and on the track, specializing in 5K and 10K. He shares his sporting career with his commitment to Mad Dogg Athletics as a Spinning® Master Instructor for Latin America, teaching courses in sport and health development for the company. Tony also prepares, coaches and advises athletes for running, triathlon, duathlon and cycling in both age categories and elite, through his TotalFitSystems® training program. He is also responsible managing and developing the Spinning® program and the Triathlon Program for the "Valle Arriba Athletic Club" in Caracas.

Tony currently holds coaching certifications from the triathlon federation: USA Triathlon (USAT), as well as cycling, USA Cycling (USAC) and is a member of the federation of track and field USA (USAT&F). Tony has attended all the courses that have been issued annually in Venezuela by GATORADE GSSI in nutrition, training, and health, since 1995. He has also attended running camps led by Roy Benson in Caracas in 1998, a leading international long-distance coach. Tony is currently working in implementing the use of the power meter for cycling within the scope of the triathlon, in both amateur and elite levels, in Venezuela. He is also a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the Spinpower™ program. To contact Tony, or to TotalFitSystems®: or by visiting

Cesar Valera

Cesar is an Elite Long Distance Triathlete, with more than a decade of racing experience around the world. He has more than 50 Long Distance Triathlons under his belt, including the Kona Ironman World Championship. He is also a USA Triathlon certified coach. He runs a multisport and life coaching business in Venezuela and works with Training Bible Coaching in the US. He is a member of the Spinpower MI team and has been an MI since the year 2000. Cesar also holds an international coaching certification. His coaching philosophy focuses on the mental aspect of competition and how to help the athletes overcome their non athletic adversities, using triathlons as a tool to find balance in their lives.

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