October 2011
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Make Your Students Fall in Love—With You!

Whether you teach in a large gym setting or at a small private studio, it’s important to make an effort to connect with your students on a personal level. You are more likely to have students follow you and never dream of skipping a class if they connect with you as a person. Barbara Hoots, STAR 3 Spinning® instructor, explains how qualities of a lovable instructor can actually be cultivated with just five simple tips.

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Spinning® Helps In Conquering Breast Cancer

The Spinning® program has changed the lives of millions of people around the world, physically, mentally and emotionally. In light of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we reached out to some of our friends and family in the Spinning community who have battled breast cancer and asked how the Spinning program has played a role in helping them stay healthy and fit. Read on to hear their inspiring stories.

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Introducing the New Spinning® Grand Tour Program

Bring something new to your students this fall with the Spinning® 8-Week Grand Tour Program. This brand new program focuses on techniques and skills used by the world’s top cyclists. With a periodized approach to training one cycling element each week, the program is varied, progressive and motivating. Participants will learn to use the Spinning® program and Spinner® bikes to train for endurance, climb hills, ride a time trial, sprint, and even be a part of a team effort in a race. With a focus on the all-around skills required to win a race, your group members will challenge themselves and train with purpose like they never have before. They’ll see real improvements in their cycling technique, and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of leading them to success. Ready to bring this new program to your facility? Click the link below to learn more and purchase today.

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Spook-tacular Spinning® Playlists

Start the holiday season off right with Halloween-themed Spinning® playlists, provided by your fellow certified Spinning instructors. Give your students a class they won't forget. Go all-out this Halloween with decorations for your Spinning room and come to class dressed up in your favorite costume. Your students will love the enthusiasm and spirit! Follow the link below for super-scary Halloween tunes.

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New Spinner® Bikes by Star Trac®

Spinning® started the indoor cycling revolution more than 20 years ago with its patented group cycling equipment and education. The Spinner® NXT changed the group cycle category and now, the next generation of Spinner bikes continue continue to raise the bar, keeping the Spinning program as the leader of the indoor cycling industry. Read on to learn more about the revolutionary new Spinner Blade and enhanced Spinner NXT.

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Upcoming Events

Join us in the Spinning® Studio booth at Club Industry October 14–16 in Chicago, IL for Spinning® rides with Josh Taylor, try out the brand new Spinner® bikes, and meet Jen Jacobs from NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Learn more and register today!

You don’t want to miss the largest Spinning® event in Europe—Spinning® Experience October 22–23. Enjoy a full day of Spinning® workshops, followed by a 6-hour Spinning® marathon with more than 500 Spinner® bikes. Both days are presented by Spinning® Master Instructors Josh Taylor (USA), Eva Garcia (ES), Peter Pastijn (BE), Chantal Janssen (NL), Frank Smulders (NL) and Hans Hobbel (NL). Learn more and register today

Mad Dogg Athletics and ECA World Fitness have teamed up once again to offer the most comprehensive lineup of fitness education sessions from the industry's top instructors at Boston Balance November 2–5. Prepare to challenge your body, stimulate your mind and find your balance with world-class sessions from Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Bodyblade®, TRX®, Perform Better®, Savvier and many more. Don’t miss your chance to share your passion and be a part of this amazing weekend! Learn more and register today!

Join us in Miami, FL at ECA Thrive November 10–13 for sessions from leading brands, including Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Pilatesstick®, Bodyblade® and Resist-A-Ball®. Learn more and register today!

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Upcoming Workshops

Spinning® Phase II
10/30/11 Birmingham

Contraindications to the Spinning Program 10/22/2011 Selma

Spintensity™: Periodization
10/22/2011 Selma

Strength, Hills and Power
10/23/2011 Selma

Spinning and Yoga
10/23/2011 Selma

Strength, Hills and Power
10/30/2011 Oakland

Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games
10/30/2011 Hamden

Music, Movement, Motivation
11/8/2011 Waterbury

Spinning Phase II
10/23/2011 Pensacola

Force: The Ride (ECA Thrive)
11/9/2011 Ft. Lauderdale

Spinning® Energy Zones™ - Interval Energy Zone 11/5/2011 Hickam AFB

High Intensity Training
10/30/2011 Des Moines

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
10/28/2011 Niles

Creative Coaching
11/13/2011 Converse

Spinning and Core Training
11/13/2011 Hays

Creative Coaching
11/6/2011 Wilder

Spinning Phase II
11/6/2011 New Orleans

Spinning and Yoga
10/23/2011 Amherst

Heart Rate Training
11/12/2011 Beverly

Contraindications to the Spinning Program 11/19/2011 Swansea

High Intensity Training
11/20/2011 Swansea

SPIN® Flex
11/20/2011 Swansea

Spintensity: Periodization
11/5/2011 Allendale

Mental Training: Approach and Skills
11/13/2011 Kalamazoo

Rating of Perceived Exertion: It's More Than a Feeling 11/5/2011 Morris

Creative Coaching
11/5/2011 Morris

New Jersey
Music, Movement, Motivation
10/21/2011 Piscataway

Spinning Energy Zones - Strength Energy Zone 11/13/2011 Wyckoff

Creative Coaching
11/13/2011 Wyckoff

Strength, Hills and Power
11/20/2011 Princeton

New Mexico
Rating of Perceived Exertion: It's More Than a Feeling
11/13/2011 Las Cruces

Spinning Energy Zones - Interval Energy Zone 10/23/2011 Minden

New York
Spinning Energy Zones - Race Day Energy Zone 11/12/2011 Williamsville

11/12/2011 Williamsville

Ontario, Canada
Spinning Energy Zones - Interval Energy Zone 10/28/2011 Sarnia

Mental Training: Approach and Skills
10/30/2011 Sarnia

Spinning Phase II
10/23/2011 Philadelphia

Mental Training: Approach and Skills
11/6/2011 Harrisburg

High Intensity Training
11/13/2011 Harrisburg

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design 10/23/2011 Beaumont

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design 11/5/2011 Bee Cave

Aerobic Base Building
11/26/2011 Murray

Washington, DC
Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games

Music, Movement, Motivation
10/30/2011 Madison

Spintensity: Periodization
10/30/2011 Madison

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