November 2011

Spinning News
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Recovery and Active Rest

Whether you take Spinning® classes, go mountain biking, road cycling, or even cross-country touring, if you want to experience a training benefit from your efforts, you must include rest and recovery in your training plans. STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman explains the importance of recovery, and how you can factor recovery into your students' training programs.

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2011 Mad Dogg Athletics Gift Guide

2011 MDA Gift Guide

The Holiday Gift Guide is back! Check out this year's list of recommended fitness items that will make everyone on your list happy. Enter the gift guide contest by November 30 for your chance to win some of these fabulous items.

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Riding While Deployed

Riding While Deployed United States Air Force member and certified Spinning® instructor Freddy Garcia was deployed in Colombia. While abroad, he used Spinning classes to keep in shape and to help him deal with the stress of missing his family. Read on to learn more about how Freddy and his good friend  Sgt. Robert Taylor not only created a bond among the crew, but also helped the entire team accomplish their fitness goals and improve their mental state through the Spinning program.

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Make Your Spinning® Profile Famous!

Profile Contest

A Spinning® class profile is like a roadmap for your ride, and we know that you take pride in the unique and engaging rides you create. Well, what if you got to share your profile with thousands of Spinning instructors throughout the world? As a benefit of their membership, SPIN® members receive four profiles in their inboxes every month—one for each week! One of those profiles could be yours!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Create three profiles using the Profile Builder Form and send them to by November 30. If at least one of your profiles is chosen, you will receive a free continuing education online course (up to $69.95 value)!

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Save BIG on Cyber Monday! Get a Sneak Peek!

Cyber Monday promo Get ready to shop because this year's Cyber Monday savings are too good to pass up! On November 28, the more you spend, the more you will save on,, and Spend $50, take $10 off. Spend $100, take $30. Spend $150 or more, take $60. That's up to 40% in savings! Don't miss this one-day online sale on Monday, November 28.

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Spinning® Experience Rides to New Heights

More than 500 Spinning® instructors and enthusiasts gathered in Schiedam, The Netherlands for the 10th Annual Spinning Experience, October 22 and 23. The two-day event kicked off with top-level workshops led by a combination of global Spinning master instructors, including Hans Hobbel’s “Meditation & Spinning,” Josh Taylor’s “300 Ride,” and Eva Garcia’s “Endorphins Ride.” On Sunday, participants embarked on a six-hour Spinning marathon. The electricity of this powerful international lineup of master instructors from Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands and the United States exuded the power and passion of the Spinning program and were accompanied by live music and two DJs. Thank you to all who made this year's event such an amazing one!

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Upcoming Events

Are you ready to hit the Vegas jackpot ... fitness style? Registration is now live for the first annual Las Vegas Balance Fitness Conference January 25–29 at the Planet Hollywood hotel! Some of the world's top instructors will shape up your weekend with a world-class lineup of workouts and workshops from Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Bodyblade®, Zumba®, TRX®, Bosu®, Body Bar®, Perform Better®, Yoga Tune Up®, along with sessions in cardio kickboxing, boot camps, yoga and much more. Don't wait another day—save $50 when you register by December 1. Learn more and register today.

Upcoming Workshops

Spintensity™: Periodization
11/20/2011 Venice

Rating of Perceived Exertion: It’s More Than a Feeling
12/3/2011 Lafayette

High Intensity Training
12/3/2011 Lafayette

Spintensity: Periodization
12/4/2011 San Mateo

Spinning Language and Visualization
12/4/2011 San Mateo

Spinning and Core Training
12/4/2011 Carson

High Intensity Training
12/3/2011 Ft. Collins

Music, Movement, Motivation
12/3/2011 Hamden

SPIN® Flex
12/16/2011 Wilton

12/4/2011 Hollywood

Contraindications to the Spinning Program
11/19/2011 Swansea

High Intensity Training
11/20/2011 Swansea

Spinning Energy Zones™ - Strength Energy Zone

Spinning Energy Zones - Race Day Energy Zone

Spinning Energy Zones - Interval Energy Zone
12/10/2011 Manchester

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
12/4/2011 Patuxent River

Spinning Energy Zones - Interval Energy Zone
12/4/2011 Patuxent River

Strength, Hills and Power
12/4/2011 Minnetonka

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
12/4/2011 Minnetonka

New York
Spinning Energy Zones - Strength Energy Zone
12/10/2011 New York City

Creative Coaching
12/10/2011 Centerville

Spinning and Core Training
12/11/2011 Worthington

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
12/11/2011 Philadelphia

South Carolina
Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games
12/4/2011 Summerville

Aerobic Base Building
11/26/2011 Murray

Music, Movement, Motivation
12/16/2011 Bellows Falls

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
12/16/2011 Mequon

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