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Spinning® Fusion Classes

The Spinning® program has been delivering one of the best cardiovascular workouts around for more than 20 years. It provides both an aerobic and anaerobic workout, builds endurance and trains the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. However, it is also important to tap into other important components of physical fitness, which include strength training, functional training, core training and flexibility training. How can our students add more to their already busy schedules? What can we do as their favorite instructor to offer them variety and balance in their routines? The answer is simple: fusion. A fusion class combines multiple fitness disciplines in one jam-packed workout session. Don’t have time to spend another hour at the gym? Then integrate your workouts into one hour’s time to get more bang for your buck. Give your students a way to balance out their routines without spending countless hours training. Fuse some of their workouts together and watch how their bodies and attitudes change!

Fusion classes can take on many faces. Any two, three or more exercise modalities can be combined to complement your client’s workouts. As long as you are following safety standards and guidelines, you can mix up any type of workout and create amazing results. If you have certifications and trainings with other fitness equipment or methods, begin to envision a way to fuse it with your Spinning class. Adding a section of Resist-A-Ball® exercises to the end of your class can really help your students strengthen their core and define those six-pack abs! A Bodyblade® addition will provide core toning and postural training for all levels and abilities. Pilates offers benefits that are far reaching to a cyclist, so work some Pilates moves into a mat section at the end of your class. The fusion format is a great way to provide a one-stop-shop element to your class.

The Spinning program makes the concept of fusion easy. As an instructor, you have access to three great and different continuing education modalities that are all about putting fusion classes in your hands. Some live workshops that deliver fundamental fusion formatting ideas include Spinning & Yoga, Spin® Flex and Spinning and Core Training. Each of these workshops provide the perfect complement to your Spinning workout, and also provide details that will help you find success at planning fusion classes.

An example of fusion formatting is doing a half-Spinning workout, half-another discipline. Or you can do some floor work, then go into a Spinning class, and afterward, go back to the floor. Another example is to create a triathlon during your workout by combing three elements for the ultimate challenge: a running segment, a Spinning segment and then get off the bike for a segment of weights or tubing. Utilize your class time and pack it full with a long Spinning segment and additional strength and stretching. This is a great way to keep your students from fitness plateaus and prevent them from getting bored with their routine.
The fun-factor should not be overlooked either!

Adding the concept of fusion to your instructor toolbox will benefit your students on multiple levels. Fusion classes can be physically challenging in addition to being complementary to their usual workout routines. Mentally, fusion classes can challenge your students to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new. If your participants are hesitant to try another class at your facility, bring that class to them. Trying something new is important and beneficial to our bodies.

When seeking to blend two disciplines together, look no further than your facility. Have some medicine balls nearby? See the new rack of kettlebells or the purple box of Gliding™ discs in a corner? Let these fitness products spark your imagination and set the wheels turning! Any piece of fitness equipment can be utilized to provide your students with a well rounded workout in a short amount of time. Once their bodies have been warmed up and challenged on the Spinner® bike, take them to the floor for a taxing upper body circuit or a balance training session. Follow the workout with a nice stretch, and the package is complete. Make the most of what you see around you to add variety to your class.

Let this article set your brain in motion—what can you create? What equipment can you combine? Sit down with your club director and brainstorm some ways to utilize the concept of fusion in your program. Something fresh for your student’s minds and bodies is just the ticket to pack your classes and keep everyone motivated.

  Tami Reilly 
Functional Training
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