July 2012

Spinning News
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Training for Peak Performance

Performance in a Spinning® class is about combining training and trust to achieve your goals. Your students should feel challenged physically and they should be engaged emotionally and mentally in the class experience. Read on to learn more about STAR 3 Spinning instructor, Dr. K.C Wilder’s unique method called “Train-to-Trust” that will teach your students a fundamental mental skill that will enhance performance in class.


To Jump or Not to Jump?

One of the most controversial and least understood movements in the Spinning® program is Jumps. Many people believe the movement is unsafe, but when appropriate resistance levels are used and with proper form and technique, Jumps are beneficial to both muscular endurance and cardiovascular development. Read on to learn more about this fun and unique movement from Spinning Master Instructor Jeff Krabiel.


Summer Olympics 2012- Cycling

Don't miss the USA cycling team as they compete in Road, Track, Mountain and BMX at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Events begin Saturday, July 28! We will be keeping you updated during the games on Facebook and opening up discussions on the Spinning Community site. Learn more about the athletes and view the full cycling schedule below. Go team USA!


Support the USA Team and get 20% off!

Support team USA this summer and sport the one-of-a-kind Spirit of USA jersey in your Spinning® classes! Choose from sleeveless or short-sleeved and ride in style. Enter coupon code TEAMUSA at checkout to get 20% off this high-performance jersey. Offer ends 7/31/12.


Facility of the Month: Summerville Family YMCA - The Ponds

Opened in early 2009, the Summerville Family YMCA at The Ponds in Summerville, South Carolina is a state of the art wellness center and gymnasium providing activities, sports and fitness for young and old alike. In addition to the Spinning® program, the Summerville Family YMCA - The Ponds offers aerobics, personal training, dance classes, yoga and much more.

"As a YMCA, we are very active in the community and offer a very welcoming environment," says Fitness Director Lucinda Hughes. "We are for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility!" Learn more about the Summerville Family YMCA - The Ponds.

Would you like the facility where you teach to be featured in an upcoming Spinning newsletter? Enter your facility into the Facility of the Month Contest for a chance to win $100 to spend at spinning.com for you and your facility!


Spinning® Social Circle

Now you can view some highlights from the 2012 World Spinning and Sports Conference with our new WSSC 2012 video! Check it out!

Stay connected with us all summer long to get tips on healthy eating, fitness, Spinning® training and much more! Don't miss updates on the Tour de France and the upcoming 2012 Olympic games. Stay tuned for upcoming summer contests and giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Continuing Education Workshops

Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games
7/22/2012 Venice

Spinning® and Yoga
7/22/2012 Coral Springs

Spinning and Core Training
7/1/2012 Valdosta

Mental Training: Approach and Skills
7/1/2012 Valdosta

Heart Rate Training
7/21/2012 Sandwich

Spintensity™: Periodization
7/21/2012 Sandwich

Spintensity: Periodization
7/15/2012 Petal

Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games
7/1/2012 Missoula

New Jersey
High Intensity Training
7/15/2012 Flemington

Strength, Hills and Power
7/21/2012 Westville

nterval Energy Zone
7/21/2012 Westville

Spinning and Yoga
8/4/2012 Mountainside

Spinning and Yoga
7/21/2012 Perrysburg

Creative Coaching
7/29/2012 Cincinnati

Heart Rate Training
8/5/2012 Cleveland

Rhode Island
Spinning and Core Training
8/12/2012 Warwick

Rating of Perceived Exertion: It’s More Than a Feeling
8/12/2012 Nashville

The Road to Kona
8/2/2012 Vienna

West Virginia
Spintensity: Periodization
7/15/2012 Morgantown


Upcoming Events

You don't want to miss the DCAC International Fitness Education Conference August 2–5, 2012 in Washington, D.C. Experience Josh Taylor's famous Force ride, as well as boot camp and circuit workouts featuring Bodyblade, Resist-A-Ball and the Peak Pilates MVe® Chair. Learn more and register today.

Join us for brand new sessions with top master instructors at Can Fit Pro August 15–19 in Toronto, Canada from Spinning, Peak Pilates, Bodyblade and Resist-A-Ball. Learn more and register today.

On September 8–9 in Marina del Rey, CA, Mad Dogg Athletics is teaming up with MINDBODY® for the action-packed inaugural MINDBODY FitPro conference that will elevate your classes and business to a new level. Join us for more than 60 continuing education courses for fitness instructors and educators, as well as unique learning opportunities, including roundtable discussions with your peers and NBC’s The Biggest Loser panel discussion with past contestants. Learn more and register today.


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