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Dining is an experience and so is the Spinning® program, but planning, prepping and teaching a Spinning class does not have to be “Hell's Kitchen.” Think of planning a class as if you were a chef at a restaurant. What's your five-course menu: appetizer, soup, salad, entrée and dessert? These are analogous to the five Energy Zones™. What ingredients will you use?

By this point, given the small planet we now inhabit, most of us have at least heard of electrolytes; and most serious endurance athletes monitor their intake in order to avoid bodily breakdowns on the road to glory. Learn more about electrolyte replacement from Spinning Master Instructor John Cargill.

From traffic-stopping shorts, jerseys and tops to ultra-comfy casual wear, our Spinning® indoor cycling apparel hugs your hard-earned curves without restricting movement.

Feel as good as you look in our complete line of performance apparel with new fresh designs perfect for summer and transitioning to fall. Our new graphics include florals and paisleys for women, inspired by the beauty of nature. Men will feel their best dressed in the new Energy Jersey.

Our Spinning apparel is designed for both men and women with ultimate stretch and optimal comfort during any indoor cycling class. Hidden zippers, back pockets, light yet durable material and innovative designs provide you with the highest quality clothing available at affordable prices.

See all of our new apparel and our long-time favorites…shop now by clicking the button below.

Strength in Numbers CAN DO group fitness classes turn working out into a social event. At CAN DO, our classes provide the energy and motivation of exercising with others, but with the individual attention you need for success. Our experts design each class to maximize results for everyone, encouraging participation across a variety of ability levels. We require hundreds of hours of hands-on experience and continuing education for our staff members so that they are experts in the latest advances in health and fitness.

CAN DO group fitness instructors and Spinning® instructors are nationally certified and trained in the anatomy of movement, biomechanics and injury prevention. With this knowledge, your individual potential is the focus even within a group environment. Stand out from and crowd and prepare for each day at CAN DO. At CAN DO, we help prepare your body for life’s most important moments by creating a fitness experience beyond compare. Our philosophy is to integrate purposeful health and wellness into your daily life.

Our Strength lies in your success. To help you achieve your goals, we are exceptionally selective with the equipment we choose, the personal trainers and instructors we hand-pick, and the comprehensive programs we provide. Its our way of helping you be the best each day.

To learn more about CAN DO Fitness, check out the link below:                          

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  • Come by and visit Spinning® at DCAC on August 1–4, 2013 in Washington, D.C. Learn more and register today.
  • Spinning will be at Can Fit Pro on August 14–18, 2013 in Toronto, ON. Learn more and register today.
  • Join us at the Marriott hotel in beautiful Marina del Rey, California for the second-annual MINDBODY FitPro Conference on September 26–29, 2013 with a variety of sessions tailor-made for the forward-looking fitness professional. Learn more and register today.
  • Kettlebell Concepts and yoga come together for Fitness Fusion on October 31–November 3, 2013 in the Dominican Republic. Get your daily dose of vitamin D when we whip you into shape outdoors. Our weekend bungalows are nestled into lush vegetation on the beach where you will fall asleep listening to the rolling waves and wake refreshed and ready for fun. Learn more and register today.



Spinning Instructor Training
8/10/13 Birmingham

Loops and Ladders
7/28/13 Venice

The 5-Step Sprint

7/28/13 Venice

Spinning Instructor Training
8/3/13 Oakland

Spinning Instructor Training
7/27/13 Tallahassee

Spinning Energy Zones - Strength Energy Zone
8/3/13 Miami

Spinning Instructor Training

8/4/13 Miami

Spinning Instructor Training
8/10/13 Manhattan

Spinning Instructor Training
7/27/13 Terrytown

New Jersey
Spinning Instructor Training
7/27/13 Colonia
Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
7/28/13 Colonia

New York
Spinning Instructor Training
7/27/13 New York City

Spintensity: Periodization
7/28/13 New York City

North Carolina
Spinning Instructor Training
8/3/13 Washington

Spinning Instructor Training
8/4/13 Avon

Loops and Ladders

8/10/13 Toledo 

The 5-Step Sprint
8/10/13 Toledo

Spinning and Core Training
8/10/13 Toledo

Spinning Instructor Training
8/3/13 Nashville

High Intensity Training
8/4/13 Nashville

Spinning®: Fighter Pilot by Josh Taylor
8/1/13 Reston

Spinning Sessions - DCAC International Fitness Conference
8/2/13 Reston

Spinning Instructor Training
8/15/13 Toronto

Fighter Pilot: The Ride
8/15/13 Toronto

Spinning Sessions - CanFitPro 2013 
8/16/13 Toronto

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