> When it’s not your Ride: Tips for creating student-centered classes
> Creating Camaraderie: Constructing classes packed with positive energy
> Incredible Instructors
> Talk the Talk: Aerobic Capacity
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When it’s not your Ride: Tips for creating student-centered classes

Take any Spinning class and you’re likely to hear things like, “Remember—it’s your ride,” which encourages students to let themselves get fully engrossed in the experience.  But when you’re a Spinning instructor, the ride is not about you—but rather about your ability to provide your students with an effective and memorable workout.  Master Spinning Instructor Caroline Dawson shares tips for keeping your focus where it belongs—on your students.    

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Creating Camaraderie: Constructing classes packed with positive energy

Ever taken a class so full of group energy that your legs seemed to take on lives of their own?  A class where you could feel your fellow riders willing you to succeed?  Odds are that if you have, you never stopped going back for more.  Read on and learn how instructors can make every class one that invigorates and inspires. 

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Incredible Instructors

When it comes to inspiration, Spinning instructors practically wrote the book.  See how two instructors are going the distance—and making a difference along the way.  

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Talk the Talk: Aerobic Capacity

What charges the metabolism, speeds up recovery time, improves body composition and reduces the risk of injury?  It’s not the newest miracle pill—it’s aerobic capacity.

Aerobic capacity is the body’s ability to store and transport oxygen and nutrients and produce energy in the presence of oxygen.  High aerobic capacity equates with faster recovery because the body is better able to deliver oxygen to hard-working muscles in need of repair.  Endurance rides emphasizing seated flats are a great way to boost aerobic capacity and reap all the benefits of a strong aerobic base.   


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