Road Map to Success: Help Your Students Reach Their Training Goals

Learn about one of the most powerful ways to motivate your students from certified Spinning instructor Brigitta Dau.
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Complementary Concepts: The Spinning Program and Pilates

You may think that the Spinning program and Pilates share little common ground. Well, STAR 3 instructor David Curry just might surprise you. 
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An Inspiring Instructor

Leah Roland hit a tree while skiing and broke her neck on February 13, 1999, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Diagnosed as a C5 complete quadriplegic, she was told she would never walk again. But Leah was determined to prove them wrong. After three months of sweat and tears, she relearned how to sit up, stand and perform simple tasks such as feeding herself.

Only seven years after her tragic accident, Leah attended Orientation. Now a certified Spinning instructor, Leah teaches in Aspen, Colorado and she is the most popular instructor at the club. She adheres to the Spinning philosophy with Energy Zones™ and varied profiles, and engages her students’ minds as well as their bodies. She encourages listening to your body, breathing into any tension, being persistent and focusing on form over intensity.

Leah’s life is about to take another huge turn. This April, she is heading to India to receive stem-cell therapy for three months. She will return to India in the fall for a second trip. To date, over 70 other spinal cord injuries have benefited from this therapy, with no adverse side affects.

To help with expenses, her students and friends have put on fundraising events and set up a fund on her website. Read more about this amazing Spinning instructor and help her achieve her dream by donating to her cause at

Fitness Fact or Fitness Fiction

Four out of every six doctors discuss how to use nutrition to prevent disease with their patients.

Eighteen riders at Forecourt Health & Racquet in Cumberland, Rhone Island raised more than $14,000 at their third annual Spin? for Hope fundraiser.

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Ride On: Exercise and Illness

A monthly resource for Spinning program enthusiasts.

Help your students determine whether working out will help or hurt their condition.

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