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Interval Training

One of the chief reasons why we love the Spinning program is that it brings people together from all walks of life and gets them to work their hardest toward a common goal–a healthier, happier existence, one Spinning class at a time. However, diverse groups often include people with widely differing conditioning levels. Find out what Certified Spinning Instructor Mike Mullady does to ensure that no student of his remains unchallenged by his workouts.

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Teaching Spinning on a College Campus

Facing constant pressure, navigating an ever-changing environment, and frequently putting their health to the test are all in a day's work for most college students. Join Certified Spinning Instructor Jennifer Tipton as she explores the many challenges–and benefits–of teaching Spinning to this unique and often overlooked segment of the Spinning enthusiast population.

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Though sometimes you might feel like you're losing your mind while struggling to survive a particularly tough Spinning class, you're actually doing the opposite! Check out some recent findings about exercise and the mind that will definitely make you want to stay in the saddle.

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Seen and Heard

New York-based global newspaper Metro and the Arlington Daily Herald both ran articles extolling the virtues of the Spinning program last month. While Metro focused on the rising popularity of the Spinning program and its positive impact on both body and mind, the Daily Herald praised our very own Master Instructor Josh Taylor and his wildly successful Everest Ride for burning over 2,000 calories in only 3 hours.

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