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Spinning?: A workout with heart

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body—and cardiovascular training is the key to keeping it healthy. Megan Fiduccia, certified Spinning instructor and the Cardiac Fitness Coordinator at the GE Lynn Health & Fitness Center, offers the inside scoop on how your heart works—and how you can train it to work better.


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This month there’s plenty to love in the Spinning store. 

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Sun, Surf and Spinning?

Sure, our World Spinning and Sports Conference offers cutting edge workshops and unforgettable rides.  But it’s also the perfect opportunity to enjoy all Miami has to offer.


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Dig Deep: The power of intrinsic motivation

As a Spinning Instructor, you're no stranger to motivating your students.  But how can you encourage them to motivate themselves?  Certified Spinning instructor and Intrinsic Coach™ Rosie Ward shares tips on directing your students inward and upward.

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Instant Inspiration

Your fellow instructors are an unbeatable source of inspiration.  Here’s a sampling of what they have to say about the ways that the Spinning? program has touched their lives.

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Seen and Heard

This month, America’s top magazines have nothing but love for the Spinning program. 

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