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> Spinning? First Timers: Protecting your Most Precious Assets
> Fit Bit: Exercise and IBS
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Practice what you Preach

Odds are that when it comes to your students you regularly preach the importance of listening to your body. But how do you score when it comes to treating your body right?


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Great Gear for the
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SPIN? Members Save on WSSC

Join us in Miami from June 2-4 for the World Spinning and Sports Conference (WSSC)-the ultimate Spinning? event. In January, SPIN members save $80 on full weekend registration. Not a SPIN member? Join now and save all year long!




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Spinning? First Timers: Protecting your Most Precious Assets

How do you turn Spinning beginners into loyal regulars? Spinning Instructor Laura Shapanus shares top tips for treating the new guys right.




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Fit Bit: Exercise and IBS

No one wants a pain in the gut-and according to the September 23, 2005 issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, it seems that individuals who exercise are less likely to suffer from the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and gut pain than those who don't. IBS, which tends to flare with stress, occurs in one in five Americans. While diet and weight were also important predictors, exercise proved to be the most important factor in reducing the incidence of IBS-related tummy troubles. 




Seen and Heard

You already know all about the benefits of the Spinning? program. But two magazines on newsstands now and stellar events throughout the world are making sure that everyone else knows too. 



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