Finding the Courage to be Healthy: How the Spinning Program Changed My Life

After being labeled “obese” by her doctor, June Chu decided to take charge of her health. Read her inspirational story about overcoming gym intimidation to eventually become a certified Spinning instructor.
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Inside Out: How to Train Outdoor Cyclists with Spinning? Classes

One thing the Spinning program focuses on heavily is using movements from real road cycling. Learn techniques for helping road cyclists meet their goals from certified Spinning instructor Becki Tooley.
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WSSC 2008 Recap

This year’s WSSC was larger than ever before with more session rooms, more Spinner? bikes, more presenters and more attendees! Read more about the 2008 World Spinning and Sports Conference.
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How to Encourage Your Students to Wear Heart Rate Monitors

As a fitness professional, you know how important it is to wear a heart rate monitor during exercise. How do you get your students to follow your lead? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Ask your students what their training goals are—why are they in the Spinning class? If they are training for health or weight management, explain the benefits of training at a lower intensity and how a heart rate monitor can help.
  • Loan heart rate monitors to your students. This will give the skeptics a chance to try it out and realize the rewards before they buy.
  • Stress the importance of using a heart rate monitor as a beginner. Most importantly, it will keep a new rider from starting out too hard (as new riders are often tempted to do).
  • Remember that everyone likes to see results. Explain to your students that a heart rate monitor is a great way to measure their class effort and fitness improvement.
  • Incorporate heart rate games into your classes.
Fitness Fact or Fiction

The first Spinner? bike was introduced at the Club Industry show in 1993.

With more than 1,000 attendees, the 2008 World Spinning Sports Conference once again broke attendance records.

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