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Teaching Across the Spectrum

Does it ever seem like no matter how you construct your classes, some of your students still walk away wanting more of a challenge while others can barely make it back to the locker room? Find out what Certified Spinning? Instructor Julie DiMauro does to make sure all of her students get a full workout.

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When you're teaching, where do you place your class profiles?

With an array of exciting workshops and a pre-conference Orientation, the DCAC fitness conference and convention is the perfect place to gain the skills you need to boost your personal fitness and sharpen your teaching skills. Join us in Alexandria, VA from August 2-6. 

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Overcoming MS to Teach Spinning

Sometimes the road of life is so cluttered with obstacles that even the most determined feel ready to surrender. Let Certified Spinning Instructor Lara D’Amato's rousing story of doubt defeated and challenges overcome inspire you never to stop reaching for your dreams.

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Spinning Around the Globe

Close to the Heavens: A Spinning marathon held on a Tel-Aviv skyscraper's helipad prompts over 1,000 people to rise to the occasion.

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Seen and Heard

On May 1st, 2006, Master Spinning Instructor Caroline Dawson led New York City’s WPIX (WB) Channel 11 Morning News crew through a Spinning ride while providing an overview of the program’s fundamentals. A special thanks to Town Sports International for providing Spinner? bikes for this segment.

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