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Forget "Spinning Seniors." It's Time for Geezer Power!

There is a new movement on the rise: Geezer Power! More and more "senior citizens" are feeling empowered by staying active and fit well into their retirement years, and they don't want your seat on the bus—they want a seat in Spinning? class. Join Certified Spinning Instructor Gordon Bermant as he sheds some light on the world of Geezer Power!

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Do you stick to one EnergyZone™ per class or do you tend to blend strength, endurance, intervals and recovery?

Meditation in Motion

The importance of mental training in achieving Peak Performance cannot be overstated, yet some students need a little extra push to try something a little out of the ordinary. Certified Spinning Instructor Pam Sutton Gentile explains how to incorporate mental training segments into your classes successfully and seamlessly.

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Spinning Around the Globe

Schiedam, Holland became the Spinning capital of Europe last month when the fifth annual Spinning Exeprience event attracted more participants than ever before.

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