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Hypertension and the Spinning? Program

Approximately 30% of our class participants are afflicted with high blood pressure. Learn the medical facts regarding this condition and the exercise guidelines that are recommended from Spinning Master Instructor Sabrina Fairchild.

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An Inspiring Instructor: Leah Potts

You were first introduced to Leah Potts in the April issue of Spinning News. Learn more about Leah’s journey from complete quadriplegic to Spinning instructor and beyond from Spinning Master Instructor Jennifer Sage.

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SPIN Fitness™ Team Gets Healthy with the Spinning? 8-Week Weight Loss Program  

Most people think that at a fitness company, all employees are active and super fit. But the reality is that we here at SPIN Fitness face the same challenges and struggles as everyone else.

We sit at desks all day, sometimes work long hours and find that it's not always easy to fit an exercise schedule into our busy lives with kids, school and even second jobs!

So we decided to run the Spinning 8-Week Weight Loss Program here in our office—and we’re blogging about it! 

Get to know some of our staff, and follow along as we learn Healthy Habits and try to incorporate them into our lifestyles.

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Spinning? Speak

We know you want to effectively motivate and instruct your students, and it can be tough to come up with the right language week after week. But sometimes instructors may wind up using words that are misunderstood by students or even convey something they don’t mean. 

This Spinning News feature will cover tricky phrases and how we can clearly and positively encourage our students.

This month’s incorrect phrase: “Sprint!"

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Fitness Fact or Fiction

Men have more diverse hand bacteria than women.


The Pecan City Pedalers, a non-profit cycling club in Albany, Georgia, recently won a private Spinning class auctioned at a local cancer fundraising gala. Barbara Hoots, a STAR 3 instructor, donated the class to the charity’s annual silent auction. After a night of fierce bidding, The Pecan City Pedalers emerged as winners and used the ride to celebrate the end of their outdoor cycling season. Click on image to view larger.

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