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The Golden Age of Spinning?

For certified Spinning instructor Jesse Piersol, working with seniors has been one of the most enlightening and inspiring aspects of teaching. Are you ready to enter the Golden Age of Spinning?

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Why Aren’t You Taking Pilates Classes?

Think Pilates is too hard or you're not flexible enough? Dispel misconceptions about the practice of Pilates with SPIN Pilates™ Master Instructor Peggy Gregor.

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Pedal Stroke Technique Drills and Visualizations

An excellent time to work on pedal stroke is during Endurance Energy Zone™ class, when the goal is less on intensity and more on technique. Learn four pedal stroke drills to use in your classes.

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Spinning? Speak: Phrases that Pack Pedal Punch

We know you want to effectively motivate and instruct your students, and it can be tough to come up with the right language week after week. But sometimes instructors may wind up using words that are misunderstood by students or even convey something they don’t mean. This new Spinning News feature will cover tricky phrases and how we can clearly and positively encourage our students.

This month’s incorrect phrase: “Use second position.”

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Fitness Fact or Fiction

According to a recent study, 33% of Americans claim that the presidential candidates' positions on personal wellness will influence how they vote this election.



Marci Clark leads a Pilates Reformer class during the filming of a new SPIN Pilates™ DVD, to be released later this year. Co-founder and Education Director for SPIN Pilates, Marci is an international presenter on fitness and wellness programming with more than 19 years in the fitness industry.

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