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Don't Resist Resistance Work

An effective strength and conditioning program is the best way to improve your physical power, both on and off your Spinner®. Read on for some essential strength-training guidelines that will help keep you energized and strong in Spinning® classes.

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Spinning and Stress

Each individual frequently encounters distress. The Spinning program, partnered with healthy lifestyle habits, can help combat stress and strengthen the foundational mind-body connection.

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Spinning in the Caribbean

Take a family vacation and stay fit while you're away at Half Moon, a new luxury family and fitness resort in Jamaica. 

The Perfect Fit

Find out why cycling shoes are so important for Spinning classes and discover how to pick the best shoe for your foot.

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WSSC 2010 was a huge success!


The 2010 World Spinning and Sports Conference welcomed a record high number of attendees last month. More than 1,200 fitness instructors and enthusiasts from around the world attended the weekend event. Special guests included Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba, Jim and Bill Germanakos, season four winners of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and author and fitness model, Jennifer Nicole Lee. Holistic health expert Paul Chek, HHP, also presented several sessions on topics such as fitness program design and client management. The silent auction and raffle that were held at this year’s conference helped raise more than $5,000 for Ride 2 Recovery, a charity that benefits the mental and physical rehabilitation of veterans. See you in 2011!

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