May 2011

Spinning News
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Gain Power with Spinning®  

Want to become a stronger cyclist—indoors and out? By emphasizing technique, intensity and class structure, the Spinning program gives you the power you need to master the outdoor ride.
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WSSC Corner—One-Stop Shop for Fitness

If you only attend one fitness event this year, make it WSSC. The World Spinning and Sports Conference is the only Spinning and fitness event where you can gain inspiration from more than 50 Spinning Master Instructors from around the globe. Sharpen your technique and boost your motivation. Plus, you can become certified in Spinning, Pilates and more and immediately earn all 14 STAR points you need to keep your certification current. There's still time to register for this can't-miss event. We'll see you in Miami! 

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Start Your Own Food Revolution

Detox & Spinning

The Spinning program, along with proper diet, plays a huge role in helping us get fit, stay healthy and lose weight. Master Instructor and Registered Dietitian Jennifer Ward shares easy tips on how to improve the quality of your diet to help you, your students and your children make a healthy change.

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Upcoming Events

It's not too late to register for the Spinning event of the year! We're headed to Miami June 1–5 for the World Spinning and Sports Conference. Sweat alongside your favorite Master Instructors and your fellow fitness professionals from around the world. Learn more or register today!


Join us in Washington, D.C.! Spinning is heading to the 20th annual DCAC International Fitness Education Conference August 3–7. Visit us to see the latest and greatest in the fitness industry and learn from top-of-the-line instructors! Learn more or register today! 

Upcoming Workshops

6/11/2011 Elmendorf AFB
6/11/2011 Oakland
6/12/2011 Redondo Beach
6/5/2011 Ft. Collins
6/11/2011 Terrytown
6/5/2011 Westminster
6/12/2011 Weymouth
New Jersey
6/11/2011 Westville
6/11/2011 Cleveland
6/11/2011 Toronto
6/11/2011 Philadelphia
South Carolina
6/11/2011 Conway
Washington, D.C.

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