Ride On: The Benefits of Heart Rate Training
A monthly resource for Spinning program participants.

Using a heart rate monitor is like having your own personal trainer. It tells you when you need to increase or decrease your intensity and helps you develop the right balance between all-out efforts and recovery. With a range of available features and functions, it's easy to find a model that's well-suited to your fitness goals.

Benefits of using a heart rate monitor:

• Effectiveness and Accuracy: Heart rate monitors are an unmatched way to track your heart rate over the course of your workouts and from day to day or week to week. 
• Monitor your progress: A lower resting heart rate indicates improved fitness level, while an elevated heart rate may signal that rest is needed.
• Prevent over- and under-training: If your heart rate is too low, you may not get the most effective workout or the results you want. However, if your heart rate is too high too often, you increase the risk of injury or burnout.
• Choose the right intensity: Knowing your target heart rate zones is the key to developing weekly and monthly plans that balance work with adequate recovery.

View our heart rate guide and Energy Zone™ descriptions.

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