Ride On: Choosing a Cycling Shoe
A monthly resource for Spinning program participants

The right shoe can make a good Spinning class great. Cycling shoes are available in a variety of styles and price ranges, so whatever your needs, there's a shoe that fits.

When shopping for cycling shoes, look for:


A stiff sole: Stiff soles boost leverage on the pedal and decrease foot fatigue.


A good retaining system: Laces, Velcro straps or other retaining systems hold your feet securely in place, which aids the upward movement of your pedal stroke, and lend stability by reducing movement.


Shoe breathability: Riding indoors generates considerable body heat and sweat, so make sure the shoe features mesh or another breathable fabric that circulates air to your feet.


Safety: Most road cleat systems have large protruding cleats that can make walking difficult and hazardous in a gym environment. For Spinning classes, your best bet is a shoe with a recessed cleat or SPD® (Shimano Pedal Design) system and a rubberized sole for safety.

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