Ride On: Perfect Pedal Strokes

A monthly resource for Spinning program participants.

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Cadence Check

• 60-80 RPM on hills
• 80-110 RPM on flats


Anyone can hop on a bike and pedal, right? Maybe, but to get the safest and most effective workout possible, technique makes all the difference.

During a 40-minute ride, you turn the pedals about 3600 times—so improving each stroke is the key to reducing injuries and creating a more effective ride.  Take a look at these tips—and get ready to ride stronger than ever.

Tips for Perfecting your Pedal Stroke

• Pedal as if you're drawing smooth, uninterrupted circles with your feet. 
• Instead of pushing down on the pedals, think of pushing forward with one leg and pulling back with the other.
• Recruit your hamstrings by lifting your ankles towards your butt as you pull the pedal upwards. 
• Never point your toes. Keep your feet flat with the balls of the feet over the centers of the pedals.


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