Ride On: De-Junk Your Diet 
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Burgers, candy, French fries, onion rings, frozen pizza and deep-fried fat bombs like mozzarella sticks and egg rolls pack minimal nutritional value and contain an inordinate amount of calories, sodium and fat. These are the foods that can throw your well-laid diet plans right off track even if you work out regularly.

If you’ve resolved to overhaul your eating habits but you need a little push, peruse the following “diet detox” tips:

Break the Habit. Sometimes eating junk food is a habitual thing. Figure out whether you’re snacking because you really want it, or because that’s what you always do.

Stop Slowly. You don’t have to go cold turkey. Instead of banning frozen burritos from your life, reduce the number of times you opt for junk instead of a healthy meal.

Balance Out Your Day. Did your coworker bring in doughnuts for breakfast? Don’t’ let one faux-pas blow your entire day. If you do indulge, choose healthier options—such as a salad, lean meat and fruit—for lunch and dinner so you don’t OD on fat and calories.

Make Small Changes. If you never go to the fresh produce section at the grocery store, try to go once a week and buy something different. We could all stand to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Indulge Your Taste Buds. Junk food is high on taste thanks to fat and sodium. If you’re craving salt and your doctor hasn’t warned you off it, add some to your food (in moderation). Same goes with sugar. A teaspoon—which only has 16 calories—on your cereal or in your iced tea may satisfy your sweet tooth and help you bypass the candy machine later.

Fill in the Gaps. If your diet still isn’t conforming to the food pyramid, consider adding vitamin and mineral supplements to help cover all the bases. The more balanced your food intake, the fewer cravings you’ll experience.



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