Ride On: Endurance Essentials
A monthly resource for Spinning program participants.

Intervals and climbs may get all the glory, but endurance training is the foundation of any successful fitness program.

Riding in the Endurance Energy Zone involves the following elements:

  • Light to medium resistance

  • Cadence between 80-110 RPM

  • Heart rate at 65-75% of your maximum
  • Seated flats work best for this type of training.

    The Benefits

  • Endurance training builds your aerobic base, which gives you the stamina you need to exercise longer and at greater intensities.

  • It increases your aerobic capacity, which renders your body better able to transport oxygen and produce energy.

  • Endurance training actually improves your ability to use fat as a source of fuel. By raising the point at which your body stops burning fat and starts using carbs, it equips the body to burn fat at higher intensities that burn more calories overall.

  • You'll get a stronger heart, a lower resting heart rate and increased stroke volume, which means the heart doesn’t have to beat as often to pump blood throughout the body.

  • The Strategy
    60-70% of your total training time should be in the Endurance Energy Zone. If you exercise five times a week, three of those workouts should be in your Endurance Energy Zone.

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