Ride On: The Spinning Program as Cross Training for Road Cyclists
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The Spinning program, a low-impact, non-weight bearing activity, is invaluable for cross training and improving fitness. Because the Spinning program provides both high-intensity workouts and active recovery, without stress to the joints often associated with running, participants can experience a personalized ride every class. By focusing on specific training objectives during each class, you can map out a training plan to maximize results.

The following are benefits of the Spinning program as cross training for road cyclists:

  • Improve your pedal stroke. SpinnerĀ® bikes are chain-driven, fixed-gear bikes with a heavy flywheel, which allow you to smooth out pedal stroke and increase your leg speed like no other workout can.
  • Improve your form. A more relaxed body position means being more comfortable on the bike, which increases efficiency. Certified Spinning instructors are trained to assist you in becoming the most supple and efficient cyclist you can be.
  • Stress-free training. Spinning classes provide you with a worry-free environment. The road you desire is just a hand-turn away with no traffic lights, cars or potholes, and always perfect weather conditions (indoors) translate into highly effective training without interruptions.
  • Training variety. The Spinning program has five different types of rides to meet all training needs. With the use of heart rate monitors, you will be guided through simulated terrain and performance levels.
  • Build a stronger mind. The motivational and inspirational coaching technique of the Spinning program will help you develop greater focus and the right mindset to achieve your performance goals, no matter how challenging.
  • Born from road cycling. The Spinning program was created in 1987 by Johnny G, an ultra-distance athlete and former world-class cyclist. Although there are similarities between road cycling and Spinning classes, there are also some significant differences. Movements such as Jumps and Running are not performed on the road, but offer cross training benefits to cyclists.

What a Pro Has to Say

“The Spinning program has been the best overall quality training I’ve ever done for my racing. Spinning has taken me to a higher level than I ever thought possible. I ride faster, stronger and more effectively than ever. Training alone can be boring, but in a Spinning class, you can enjoy heart-pumping music, the camaraderie of your classmates and expert instruction. It keeps me consistent.”

    - Josh Taylor
      RiteAid Pro Cycling Team

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