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2012: A Dream Comes True

This year, for me, was devoted to the Spinning® program. I told myself that I would chase my dream of becoming a Spinning Master Instructor to advance my knowledge of this unique program and to spread my passion throughout world so everyone can benefit from its unique results.

But, let’s take it from the beginning….

I made my decision around the beginning of 2012 when it was time to set new goals. That is when I said I would chase my dream of progressing in the Spinning program, no matter where it takes me. It required setting plans, scheduled trips, lots of education and lots of mental and physical preparation.

My first goal was becoming a STAR 2 Spinning instructor in order to gain a deeper understanding with continuing education. It wasn’t too difficult and there was some very interesting material presented which really changed and improved my teaching techniques. I became a STAR 2 instructor after one month. I was so passionate and full of energy and I was hungry for more education and new challenges.

My second goal was achieving STAR 3 status, which was really challenging. In order to advance my knowledge in Spinning, its philosophy and the educational program, I had to travel abroad to participate in the Spintensity™: Periodization continuing education workshop, or what I like to call the “soul of the Spinning program.” This workshop is the one that makes the Spinning program so unique and gives it life and a future. During my trip, I got to meet new people and experience other cultures and styles of instructing.

I traveled to Brussels and took a short trip to Holland for my first Spinning marathon. I met people that made me feel special and some of them are a treasured part of my life and part of my extended family. Three days were enough to make me stronger and remind me why I set these goals and why so many people love the Spinning program. Imagine, I was on Spinner® bike for nine hours the day of the marathon I didn’t want to miss a single moment. Everything was like living in a dream I didn’t want it to end. The atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the moment, the travel, the passion—all these things were a common bond among everyone that was participating in the event. Helen Keller once said, “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” I get goose bumps just writing this. Once I returned home, I had so many things to share with my students and friends. My students of course realized from the first moment that I was different Instructor, wiser, more experienced and more passionate than ever!

STAR 3 status came shortly after. My appetite for knowledge was huge. All my free time was spent reading more and continuing my pursuit. I could not control my thirst for additional knowledge—the more I knew, the more I wanted to know.  I was like a newborn in a new world taking new steps and growing in the World of Spinning.

Days were passing quickly and I was already thinking about my next goal: WSSC 2012. This is the event where all the Spinning fans, instructors and Master Instructors gather to celebrate the Spinning program every year. I cannot describe the feedback I got from people that had attended previous WSSC conferences. Some of them even told me that this should be on everyone’s bucket list. I was so curious and I couldn’t resist attending the WSSC with the picture painted in my mind of the annual reunion of the Spinning family. So I booked my tickets and packed my bags.

My final goal was to become a Spinning Master Instructor. Many told me my lofty goals were impossible and unthinkable, but no obstacle was going to stop me in trying to achieve the goal I set for myself. Some of my favorite quotes which best express this are, “We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things which are impossible” by Francois Duc De la Rochefoucauld and “There is nothing impossible to he who will try” by Alexander the Great. So, full speed ahead I went—gaining the knowledge and requirements to be considered as a candidate for a master instructor. The path of glory came step by step. After hard work, plenty of reading and practicing, I was one of the master instructor candidates. Amazing? Impossible? In the words of Paulo Coelho, “When you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favor.” And I was off to WSSC Miami.

WSSC was so far from my country, but so close to my passion. Nothing could stand between me and this experience. I counted backward and prepared for a unique and life-changing experience as it occurred. I had an expectation of what I thought WSSC would be like and it far exceed that expectation. I knew that I would have a good time, but it was amazing. I bonded with people and some are now like family. WSSC is truly worthy as a bucket list item and it was a dream trip for me where I discovered a new city and a new world. This experience was definitely life-changing and soul-replenishing.

My next adventure was Spinning Master Instructor Camp in Holland. This experience made me discover skills that I never knew existed. This experience allowed me to set new goals, establish a new plan, expand my new family and begin a new chapter in my life.   After MI Camp, I was equipped with new tools in my toolbox, expanded knowledge and the support to become one of the Spinning Master Instructors. As Spiderman would say, "With great power comes great responsibility."

As I was progressing in the Spinning program, I was simultaneously progressing in cycling, a sport in which I had 20 years of knowledge and experience. The two ingredients blend perfectly together and allowed me to discover new ways of training in cycling and understanding many things that I knew only from experience.

Now my Spinning journey continues with new destinations and missions ahead of me. The year 2012 ended with this amazing gift and honor of joining the special group of Spinning Master Instructors and being an ambassador of the Spinning program. I share all these feelings, memories and the passion I have that took me 20 years to develop with so many people for a deeper purpose: to inspire others to create a better and healthy future.

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