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It's no coincidence that top restaurant owners hire lighting designers as well as world-class chefs, and the overall dining experience is what creates loyal customers. Your studio is similar to a restaurant, and the rides you "serve" will taste better in an environment that creates intimacy, energy, empowerment and, yes, loyalty. Read on to learn more about how indoor studio lighting can improve profits from Barbara Hoots, owner of Indoor Cycling Design.

An encouraging trend in recent years has been the increase in the number of privately owned “boutique” Spinning® studios around the world. Large health clubs and corporate franchises usually offer a big variety of class formats and instructor options, but it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or lost in large classes. Smaller clubs tend to embrace a more intimate approach that helps clients set personalized goals and track progress toward individual achievements. Read on to learn more about the benefits of smaller fitness studios from Spinning Master Instructor Raquel Rezàra Schmidt, Ph. D.

Strength in Numbers CAN DO group fitness classes turn working out into a social event. At CAN DO, our classes provide the energy and motivation of exercising with others, but with the individual attention you need for success. Our experts design each class to maximize results for everyone, encouraging participation across a variety of ability levels. We require hundreds of hours of hands-on experience and continuing education for our staff members so that they are experts in the latest advances in health and fitness.

CAN DO group fitness instructors and Spinning® instructors are nationally certified and trained in the anatomy of movement, biomechanics and injury prevention. With this knowledge, your individual potential is the focus even within a group environment. Stand out from and crowd and prepare for each day at CAN DO. At CAN DO, we help prepare your body for life’s most important moments by creating a fitness experience beyond compare. Our philosophy is to integrate purposeful health and wellness into your daily life.

Our Strength lies in your success. To help you achieve your goals, we are exceptionally selective with the equipment we choose, the personal trainers and instructors we hand-pick, and the comprehensive programs we provide. Its our way of helping you be the best each day.

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