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What a way to kick off my own WSSC Conference experience 2013 … a day of POWER- SPINPOWER™!  Learning from one of the top power specialists in the industry, Angie Sturtevant delivered the new SPINPOWER™ instructor training to many eager Master Instructors from around the globe. So incredible to have the team together to learn about the program and the share the experience!

I am very excited to begin playing on these state-of-the-art bikes and getting more out of my own workouts. Seeing the “power” (or lack thereof!) was a humbling experience and reminded me that there is always a way to improve and move forward in everything we do. Even if someone is not an outdoor rider with experience in watts training, they will be able to easily understand how to read the computer and its data and use it as a tool to improve in all subsequent rides. I loved how easy and user friendly the computer is! The threshold testing protocol we used complimented the bikes nicely and will be a nice instrument to use with our students.



I have committed to purchasing 20 Spinner® Blade ION bikes for our new facility at Quinnipiac University and our program is ready to move to the next level. To be able to capture and save data on our riders will help us to better meet the goals of our students. Also, this will permit us as a program, as well as our students individually, an opportunity for research and development.  The team of SPINPOWER™ specialists is getting ready to share the education and the love of the newest Spinner® bike and program– way to go MDA!




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