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Body & Mind Connection 101

When starting Spinning® classes years ago i heard so much about the Body & Mind Connection and how it made the Spinning® Program so unique.

But how do you as an instructor explain in very simple terms what it means, to a person who has never been on a Spinner® bike before, or someone who is fairly new to the Program without sounding really weird?

Almost every day i meet people in the studio telling me
Spinning® is special for them but they seem to find it hard to put words to the
feeling. (and should we? That i don’t think is always necessary)

During instructor workshops  i try to give a very simple example and exercise for the students to try. I decided to share it with you today.

This is how it goes: (read first and then try it out ok)

Go sit in a quiet place where you can sit or even lie down
very comfortably.

Close your eyes. See a beautiful sunny sky in your mind… a white beach… just you and some people you love… no time constraints at all … just enjoying the view – breathing nice and deep

(take 3 – 5 minutes to visualize this)

What do you think happens to your heart rate as you go
through this visualization? Simple answer right?

It slows down because you are allowing your mind to calm and relax the body. Your create a real relax

I know it is a very basic way of telling about the Body
& Mind connection but what a great way to show the new students Body & Mind are interconnected inextricably!

And this is the starting point of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPORTS EXPERIENCE  i have had the privilege to get to know
somewhat better and work with over the years, called Spinning® .

I truly believe all aspects of the Body & Mind connection in the Spinning® Program are what makes Spinning® an everlasting path of self-discovery  and development.

Hope you enjoy the road,





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