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I'm done.... but really I'll never be done, my results btw are AWESOME!

So last week was my last week of The 8 Week Weight Loss Spinning Program, I finished yesterday! My results are coming but first let me tell you how the week went. I came into the week with trepidation, I was worried that I was going to party too much over the Memorial Day weekend instead of picking up the pace being this was the last week of 8. I'm proud to say that I kept my foot on the gas and floored it for this last week. The one day I spent on the beach I ran 5 miles along side of the ocean, icing on the cake (no pun intended), with all of the double spin classes I attended during the week. Many of my Blog posts have discussed living the healthy life style as opposed to taking temporary measures to lose weight and then reverting back to the old not-so-healthy way of life, the whole yo-yo philosophy. I am so pleased to report that after finishing the 8WWL that this Spinning Program is a healthy lifestyle a fun, exciting, and fit way of living, that can be and should be part of the fabric of our lives. The fit seniors that I see at my Spin classes always evidence this to me, their dedication and youthful lifestyles are so inspiring and I aspire to live the rest of my life just like them! I weighed in yesterday morning and I am happy to report that I've lost a total of 16 Lbs !! I feel so great I bought some new Lucky jeans and I'm totally psyched for WSSC. I have a packed weekend of Spinning, Yoga, and I may even try me some Zumba! And that's what it's all about continuing the healthy fit lifestyle and keeping it fun of course, Spinning has that covered for me.... Thank God for The Spinners because I know if my only choice was the treadmill I might not being smiling at the gym so much! See you in Miami!! (airport right now!!)



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