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A good SPINNING instructor sells. You are a salesperson. You sell your class. Sell well and more people will buy your stuff (your class). If you are a good sales person with integrity and you believe in your product, you will be successful. I went to the Star Trac headquarters the other day to do an intro to SPINNING class for all their sales and marketing folks. Tony and Christy from Mad Dogg were there to give the data to them on why they should sell SPINNING education more. Interesting. I know a lot of folks at Star Trac. I've known a lot of them for many years. Some get it, some don't. I can tell you that most of them just want to sell equipment regardless of what it is, its all about the benjamins to them. You know what's funny? The ones that took it seriously actually enjoyed their SPINNING experience. I had one gal come up and tell me she was in an orientation of mine about 10 years ago and still remembers the relationship I made to running and she uses that to sell treadmills. Another dude said he remembers the demo class we did at my gym and it inspired him to ride a bike outdoors. Do you think these 2 Star Trac employees are doing well? Uh, oh yeah. You could see it in their eyes. Most of them do care about SPINNING. They realize the power of the brand. The confusion is in how the education works, the costs and how it can help them leverage more sales of the bigger ticket items. They also are motivated to improve the product. I got a very cool breakdown of the new bottom bracket by Jeff Dilts. Nice work Jeff (I have known him for many moons too and he gets it). The bike is getting better so feel good about that! Do yourself a favor. Take a look at the Star Trac site. Know their products. Get to know your local rep. Establish a relationship. If they have a customer, they should bring them to your class. You can become an added support arm for Star Trac. Help them sell bikes and product, they will help you. That's how sales works. Relationship building. Heck, I ran on a Star Trac treadmill yesterday. It was cool.



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