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WSSC Reflections

By Michael Ferrante

Having just returned from presenting at my fifth World
Spinning and Sports Conditioning Conference (WSSC) in Miami, I thought I’d share a few personal reflections. Hopefully, they resonate at some level with
you even if you were not at this year’s conference.

It’s An Honor

First, I never lose sight of what an honor it is to be
chosen as a presenter for WSSC. And this year, more than ever, I shared the spotlight with so many talented, passionate and wonderful people – many within
my network of international Master Instructors (MIs) – but many from other disciplines as well. I congratulate the staff at Mad Dogg Athletics (MDA) for assembling a team of people that really made this year’s event one of the best ever.

Spinpower Arrives

And one of the most talented professionals I know in the world of indoor cycling returned to WSSC this year and helped MDA and Star Trac introduce power-based training and the new Blade Ion bike to the worldwide Spinning community. Wisconsin-based Angie Sturtevant was most impressive as she led sessions for conference attendees and members of MDA’s MI team.  Angie’s knowledge and her commitment to helping all of us deliver the best possible performance results for Spinning enthusiasts is truly inspiring and exciting.

Josh Taylor Soars

Every year, I wonder how my close friend Josh Taylor will improve on his legendary theme ride that launches WSSC every year.  Well launch he did – right off the deck of a US Navy aircraft carrier as he helped over 300 riders enter the cockpit of a military jet and soar into a dog fight at 40,000 feet in his Fighter Pilot ride. His mix of pro-cyclist skills on the Spinner, breath taking visuals,
amazing soundtrack and motivating narrative made for one memorable and emotional ride. Thank you Josh.

How About Recovering?

Finally, and this is not meant as a criticism of WSSC by any means, because I know this problem exists outside the crazy, cram-it-all-in-schedule people keep at WSSC, but building recovery into personal Spinning and fitness
schedules is crucial for ensuring continued improvements in exercise, remaining injury free and maintaining good health.  I saw literally hundreds of WSSC attendees piling on hours of high intensity riding day-after-day and I strongly suspect they are paying the price this week.

Remember that complete rest, or light intensity active recovery, is crucial to improving performance. Think seated flat with light resistance and a comfortable cadence and you’ll start to understand my message.




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