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Creating Profiles - Tips for the New Instructor

You are newly certified, fresh from team teaching and ready to lead your first solo Spinning® class. How exciting! It’s time to sit down to prepare the ride. Pick the Energy Zone. Check! Stare at a blank piece of paper and wonder what to do next…… Suddenly, nerves set in and panic hits. “What do I do now? Where do I start? What songs do I like? What if I get up there and freeze?” All of these thoughts surface at once and may cause a severe case of stage fright. Relax and take a deep breath! There are many people to offer support and if you know where to look, lots of available resources.

If you’re a brand new instructor it may seem overwhelming to plan a profile, especially if the class is full of unfamiliar members. Pick up a copy of the Spinning® Ride Book to ease your anxiety! It is a laminated binder with 52 pre-made profiles, each written by a Master Instructor. All Energy Zones are included along with technique cues. Using this resource allows you to focus on music selection and delivering the class with confidence.  However, if the Ride Book is not an option, sit down with the Instructor Manual and flip to the section about profile design. Make note of the cadence and heart rate parameters for your selected Energy Zone then think of a goal and title for the ride. Increasing time or repetition of a jump is an example of a goal. Keep it simple and remember you do not have to use all the core movements in each profile. Plan the movements around the goal. Next is music. Use songs from at least three genres if possible to maintain variety. Listen to your music – what feelings does it stir up? Does it “feel” like a flat road or a hill climb? Fast or slow? Always choose the music AFTER creating the profile to ensure the BPM’s match the movements. Find an inspirational phrase or motivational cue to use sometime during the class. Also, make sure the music has clean lyrics. Finally, be confident! Coach with enthusiasm and your members will come back every week for more!

Remember, every Instructor has shared these nerves and anxieties, so be comforted in knowing you are not alone! Reach out to the many groups on Facebook for help or visit for more instructor resources.

The Ride Book can be found by clicking the following link:




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